The Age of Radical

January 19, 2009

The age of radical is upon us.  While this disruptive turning point will be clear only in retrospect, there can be little doubt that a period of dramatic change is about to begin.  The pace of globalization and the acceleration of technological innovation has rendered more and more of society’s social, economic, educational and political norms both

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Outlook for 2009 and Beyond

December 31, 2008

The outlook for 2009 is unusually certain. The Canadian and US economies will contract over much of the year. The duration of the contraction is difficult to say – perhaps the entire year and perhaps into 2010.  Anyone who forecasts the exact depth and duration is guessing, that is, using the macro models that did not

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Economic Review 2008

December 24, 2008

Warning! This site provides competitive advantage to UW students and alumni; other persons must cease reading immediately. The failure of the global capital markets that began in mid-2007 became systemic through 2008. Not surprisingly, economic activity slowed dramatically in most of the major industrial countries.  At the end of the year, the output of most countries was contracting

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