Planetary Outlook 2

August 12, 2011

As we pointed out in Planetary Outlook a year ago, there was no reason to expect anything other than disruptions, dislocations, erratic growth, volatile markets and bouts of optimistic and pessimistic over-reaction. Too many countries had too many problems for them to be solved quickly or smoothly. In addition, since the European Federation is a

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Planetary Outlook

August 10, 2010

The situation we face as a planetary economy is clear. Many countries face many complex problems. The American trade and fiscal deficits continue with no plan in place to address either. The absence of a plan is, of course, more of a concern than the deficits themselves. And the fact that Congress seems almost incapable of

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The Cost of U.S. Health Care Reform

March 28, 2010

At 16.5 percent of GDP and rising, America’s health care spending is the highest in the industrial world. By most measures, this spending has not produced superior health care outcomes.  The health care reform billed passed by Congress will drive these costs even higher.  When Mr. Obama first introduced health care reform, he said that the weight of

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