Who Killed Imagination

April 3, 2016

There are only two skills that are guaranteed to be in demand over the next fifty years: innovative problem solving and the advocacy of such innovations. A key attribute of future career success is therefore imaginative power. For many adults, imagination seems an impossible job requirement. Yet almost all children have imagination in abundance. But

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How Soon Will It Happen?

February 14, 2016

One day, it is sure to happen. One day artificial intelligence [AI] will become so effective that it would be able to perform a large measure of professional work. Of course, professional workers have been steadily losing part of their work to software for many years. Hundreds of applications, including spreadsheets, contract templates, valuation models

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The Unsurprising Financial Markets

January 17, 2016

There is no doubt that the world’s financial markets play an indispensable role in fueling economic growth and development. There is equally no doubt that large amounts of capital are misallocated and therefore wasted. Part of the misallocation occurs because far too many conflicts of interest and instances of self-dealing continue to be tolerated. That

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